New York Mets Photo Day


Terry Collins (New York Mets): „After watching the players from the Paderborn Academy, Baseball is in good hands in Germany. The work ethic of the coaches and the energy and athleticism of the players will produce good players in the future.“





Steve Finley (Arizona Diamondbacks): „Paderborn is a wonderful town. The facilities and the field are fantastic. The indoor facility is amazing. Paderborn is ahead of the competition.“






Greg Swindell (Houston Astros): „The way the Untouchables utilize the facilities, coaches and players makes them unique. I fell in love with the town, too. What a great place to be.“



carminucciChris Carminucci (Arizona Diamondbacks): „I am so impressed with what you are doing at your Academy.  The facility is state-of-the-art, your coaches are passionate and extremely well-schooled. The way you are utilizing the latest technology to insure that your players get the most out of their abilities is obviously paying serious dividends. I was extremely impressed with the level of athletes that you are producing. I am very excited to see what the future holds for your academy and German Baseball in general. Keep up the great work.“


image1Dave Turgeon (Pittsburgh Pirates): „The Paderborn Academy is one of the most comprehensive and fundamentally sound baseball programs I have seen anywhere.  The staff has the ability to teach and inspire and develop players. They also coach the individual and not the masses. Weather is never an issue as state of the art facilities allow the program to maximize development indoors during the winter months.  If I were serious about Baseball and lived anywhere in Germany, this is where I would be!“



Tim Leiper (Toronto Blue Jays): „The Paderborn Academy is a great place to prepare for a collegiate and professional baseball career. The credentials and knowledge of the baseball staff is tremendous, and the facilities rival those of anywhere in the world. Most importantly, the staff puts the needs of the individual first. They are not only passionate about the game of baseball, they are driven to develop strong, team oriented individuals.“



kai gronauer

Kai Gronauer (New York Mets): „Die Kombination aus einem ganzjährigen Trainingsprogramm für Baseball, mit einigen der besten Coaches des Landes, dies in Verbindung mit der schulischen Ausbildung und den vorhandenen Sportanlagen, Ahorn-Ballpark (Outdoor) und Ahorn –Sportpark (Indoor), machen Paderborn zu einem qualitativ anspruchsvollem Standort, zur Vorbereitung auf eine professionelle Baseballkariere, ohne Vernachlässigung des akademischen Werdeganges.„



russellA. J. Russell (San Diego Padres): „My time spent at the Paderborn Baseball Academy was nothing short of an amazing experience. The people, the facilities, and the support that these kids have surrounding them is a testament to the positive and successful direction in which the Academy is at and is heading to. The coaching staff does a great job in not only educating and mentoring these young athletes but instilling discipline and motivation of becoming successful young men.“




Daniel Thieben (Seattle Mariners): „Die Untouchables sind eine Baseballfamilie, die mich auch während meiner Profikarriere unabhängig von meiner Vereinszugehörigkeit, bei der Saisonvorbereitung unterstützt hat. Heute bin ich ein stolzer Teil dieser Organisation.“





Nadir Ljatifi (Cincinatti Reds): „Das Sportinternat Paderborn hat mich bei meinem Schulabschluss sehr unterstützt. Auch in Zukunft werde ich mich im Ahorn-Sportpark auf die nächste Baseballsaison vorbereiten.“

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